Monday, May 5, 2008

talking them down from the ledge.

is harder than it looks.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Eat Your Heart Out East !

Thats right, I said it. LAKERMANIA!!!!!! We're doing it. Oh and Kobe, its your year for MVP!!!! #1 Baby!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ode to Katherine Moening

So my wifey was spinning on Saturday at a hotel in weho. Who should be there, but Katherine Moening, you may know her as Shane on the L Word. Now living in Los Angeles, you don't really geek out over TV stars and Movie Stars, but every now and then, you have a moment. So I was sitting in the lobby sipping whiskey (remeber my voice was gone, so I needed the warmth of Jack, oh who am I kidding, I would have had that anyway!), and who should be on the couch adjescent to me, Katherine Moening. I had to take a moment and breathe. I have had a low key crush on her Kate (thats what her friends call her), ever since the first season of The L Word. So I had to tell her. Not having a voice, and the music being loud, and the people in the lobby, this was a difficult feat. But I managed. We chopped it up for a min, and before I left I gave her some music (what do you think about Rozzi Daime music on the L Word! And a guest apperance I could play Bette and Kit's cousin, in town for a few episodes, lets make that happen . . .) and my number! So Hollywood, I salute you, you have been the home of stars and fans for generations. I'm happy to report, I had a moment.

Speechlessness . . . .

So I lost my voice. I woke up on saturday, with literally, NO VOICE. it was so frustrating, so irritating, I felt like Ariel in the little mermaid. Thank God for technology and text messaging. Today, I have a bit of my voice back, its just this raspy, sexy thing, I've got going on. So'm I'm taking advantage of this while I have it. Theres a project a friend of mine needs me on, that will truly benefit from this voice. In the mean time, I'm chillin.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Begining. Thank God the End is Over.

So I'm human, i know it, we all are, or at least, most of us. So that means at times, I forget, I forget just what I'm capable of , and also, just what I can actually do. Shall I say, at the END that where i was. Pergetory is a vile place, full of static and mis communication and doubt. I would rather see someone on a fast road to hell, and a serene one to heaven, at least then you'd be moving. The inbetween is a trap, the lies your ego tells you, the motives behind your insecurities, hell, even the justifications of your mediocrity, are all there in pergetory. Dante had it right, better to incinerate in the inferno, than continue floating in the abyss of unknown. What I'm trying to say here, (hopefully eloquently, it is quite early on the coast), is that it's time to get on a path. whatever path it may be, just get on one! take a step and say YES! Hit the pavement and get to walking. You will be surprised at how the wind will carry you faster to your destination than you anticipated, just remember, keep your eye on the prize, your heart on the dream, and your mind on Faith. You have arrived.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

ask and you shall receive.

is there anyother way to get what you want?

Friday, March 28, 2008

do you ever notice how. . . . .

EVERYONE has a tattoo!?!?!?!?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I know, i know, i've been gone for a while.. but here's the deal friends. I had a moment of weakness (and chocolate) in my life. this is a blog after all, and i want to keep it honest. sigh. so I am on a quest to conduct an experiment on myself, and I want you all in on this. Okay. i'm calling it the 20 minute workout. (thank you Jahi!). so the deal is, that for 20 minutes, each and EVERY day, I will focuse intently on 1 aspect of my career and life. training myself to keep that disipline, and that focus. so you dear friends, get to be my accountablility partners in this journey. I am going to write about this everyday, and keep you posted on whats going on. I love you all, and i so look forward to see you soon.

SO OKAY . . . .

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Rozzi Daime on Just One of Those Days

Come on, we all have them!!!! BLAAAAHHHHH . . . . .

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Monday, March 3, 2008

Rozzi Daime on Rozzi Daime

“It’s got to sound like warm cotton candy on a Ferris wheel, the first day of summer after you just lost your virginity that night. Doesn’t that just sound delicious?”
Delicious indeed! Daring, provocative, magnetic, graceful and intelligent are only a few of the many different ways you could describe her sound. Rozzi Daime is the artist responsible for allowing you to remember your first time, every time. Why shy away from what matters the most; sex, lust, love, envy, desire. She’s an open book, candid and unapologetic. Her music is lyrical freedom and she has no problem stating the things you mean to say, but are too afraid to. “Authenticity is the most important thing when it comes to music. I have songs about everything from my ‘cock’, to my God; all are pure expressions of my emotions at that time.”
Six years and counting, she has been recording what she considers, Avant-Glam music; a fusion of experimental and unorthodox art with a flair for the glamorous. Or to be more precise, she would be the prodigal child of Josephine Baker and David Bowie. When asked what would be equivalent to experiencing her live, she simply states; a forty-five minute orgasm. Enough said!
This temptress isn’t only musically talented; she’s also working on a comic book. As Rozzi Daime as the main superhero, she illustrates the beauty as being a character with thoughtform projection; or the capability of possessing an advanced version of telekinesis. “Any image created in my mind, becomes a 3 dimensional reality for anyone in range of my frequency, in person, or via TV / radio airwaves. A very provocative and powerful gift only to be used at times when it’s absolutely necessary for the survival of mankind, (or of course during live shows!) Her philosophy is that creativity is the source of evolution, and everyone should be free to contribute.”
Contribution is necessary; otherwise you won’t get the full effect. To be creative minded suggests that one must gain innovation from others; both physical and emotional. The true test is consistency. “The set I do for my peers and a fan is the same set that I do when my parents and grandmothers are in the club, you’re right, I don’t apologize.” Her track record displays the likes of many artists we might categorize as unapologetic and outspoken. “I have worked with Common, Bilal, Erykah Badu, and Sa-Ra also some amazing musicians Chris Dave, Rob Glasper, Steve “Thundercat” Bruner, DJ Jahi Sundance, to name a few.” Some artists she’d like to share energy with in the studio are Outkast, Snoop Dogg, Fiona Apple, Kanye West, The Rza and many more.
Her music is even more fascinating than her current artist log. Tracks such as Ride, White Cloud, Babies or even Cock Teaser all make it very simple to understand why Rozzi is considered CANDID! Her song Tracy is a track she swears gets mentioned more than she does; perhaps because she literally makes feel good music? “Tracy is your typical attractive, sexy girl who likes to party, she’s got great style, everything is a current designer, flawless make-up and great taste in shoes, she has one man for money, another for sex, and another for her ‘party favors’. She enjoys her freedom, and never takes no for an answer. She is independent, a hard worker during the day and the life of the party at night, if you knew Tracy from the office you would never believe that was her taking shots behind the DJ booth on a Tuesday, and in every picture in the nightlife magazines. She’s the kind of freak you COULD take home to mother. *Sigh*, the question is if Tracy is real or not…”
In most cases, we all know a Tracy; however, the game is only fun if it’s played right. Rozzi couldn’t agree more. When it comes to music, classifying music according to the ethnicity of the artists limits the potential of the artist and their listener. “It is very challenging categorizing artists now, because the lines of clear division have been blurred beyond your a-typical genres. The sound today is a fusion of rock, jazz, hip-hop, soul, funk, live instrumentation with synthesizers, and beat machines and samples. There is no one kind of music that is of the original mold of classification. Calling it “Black Music” is a double edge sword; it’s informative and exclusive at the same time. Yes, Black people invented this music, these rhythms, these timings, and this freedom in music. White people know about our musical movements. And although culturally, we have always set precedent on what is the new happening thing in America, and now the World, even cultural lines are being blurred what with the internet and satellite TV, so everyone is exposed to everything all of the time. It is going to take myself and my musical peers to come up with a new system. It would be like trying to use the dewy decibel system for the internet, outdated and not as effective.”
To be effective, playing the part gets you in the game. Staying around, is a different story. “The name of the game is “Show Business”. My Grandfather would always say any news is good news. Keeping your name in this business is key. Different people use different approaches to maintain their status, or even to create their name in this business. We as women have to prove ourselves twice as hard just to break the glass ceiling in this industry. I am a firm believer that anyway you choose to market yourself to gain respect and notoriety, (or gossip, as they seem to be synonymous at this juncture in music), is up to the individual.”
As for Rozzi Daime, she’s synonymous with success. 2008 will be the year she sheds her comfort zone of L.A. and ventures out to ears wider than her MySpace page. She plans to release her album Avant-Glam, shoot about five videos, record more music and continue to write for more artists. “There is a sampler floating around in the ethers as we speak, generating the proper buzz, increasing fans and getting the right people interested. I am currently working on a release for late spring, early summer 2008. The material has been recorded, just a few live inflictions are needed and the right engineer to give it the tone I want.” Along with her busy music career, she’d like to buy property in either L.A. or NYC. Probably to guarantee a place to rest her head for this fall’s Avant-Glam World Tour; The Cosmic Masquerade of Rozzi Daime. Definitely look out for this one!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

i wish i was as good as

chocolate milk

...but there's not much i can do about that

Friday, February 15, 2008

Rozzi Daime on Ego.

Ego. The single most destructive trait in all human beings (other than lack of integrity, but I'm a little sensitive about that today, so that is tomorrows blog). This 3 letter word will ruin every relationship, and when you get down to it, what else do we have in life other than relationships? Our relationship with ourselves, with God, with other people, with our surroundings, we are supported by all of these supernatural elements, and yet, we think that we have the answer to solve all of lives mysteries with our own Ego. I don't prentend for one moment that we are not powerful beings, and that we were sent here to grow, evolve and create, and that the laws of the universe are not our true laws, but what i am saying is that if we think that by standing in our Ego, we will ever be able to acheive our greatness, then we are saddly mistaken.
Lets take it back for a moment and define, Ego: the self; the individual as self-aware.
Now that doesnt seem to be too bad does it?

Its not, by an enlightened sense and understanding of self. But most of us humans operate on self-preseveration, and that is where our Ego likes to play. It will convince us that we are something we are not, just to prevent us from having to deal with what is.

So how do we balance the Ego? By being aware not only of self, but of God, of our surroundings, of those we interact with on a daily. and the Ego will quite, because after all self-awareness is the first step, to Universal Understanding.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

car alarms

......are a part of the sound wallpaper of any city. we're so used to cars crying wolf that no one takes the sirens and flashing lights seriously-when was the last time you thought a hysterical car was really being stolen? the trouble with alarms is that they're too dumb to see whether someone's actually slim-jimming the door. instead, the typical system relies on vibration or proximity sensors, which means it's just as likely to be triggered by a passing truck. the result: endless false positives. of course, good car thieves know how to thwart every system with nary a peep anyway..........

things that don't suck:

tv screens in the back of airplane seats, twice baked potatoes, dryer sheets, dvrs, the set design on mad men, farmers' matkets, tap water, touchscreens, scissors, pocket knives, thumb drives, kites, strike-anywhere machines, doorstops, run-flat tires, netflix, noise-canceling headphones, casual carpool, guitar hero, jalapeno potato chips, bicycles, kevlar, velcro, carbon composite, draids, the first half of indiana jones and the temple of doom, seat belts, zippo lighters, spartan laser, heated seats, public libraries, remote control, sorbet

scared single

i stayed up late the other night, watching a scary movie starring ewan mcgregor, patricia arquette and nick nolte in this really bad wig. mcgregor was a law student who worked as a night watchman at a morgue and there was a serial killer on the loose (murdering and maiming women, of course) and the usual array of atmospheric nonsense: disappearing corpses, body parts floating in formaldehyde, and these big disturbing trees encased in flapping black plastic.

if it had been 3 in the afternoon, it wouldn't have affected me at all, but by the time the movie was over it was 3 a.m. and there was a grim february wind beating against the windows and, i have to admit, i got totally creeped out.

or, as i like to call it, scared single.

i ran to my bed, pulled the covers up over my head and lay in the dark trying not to think about those trees or that wig or especially those poor dead women (with no eyes!) stacked like cordwood down at the city morgue. but i still jumped at every creak and groan and slap of rain against the glass, convinced that the killer was outside my apartment door, knife in hand.

only to discover come morning that i'd accidentally left my keys in the lock. i may as well have left a "welcome, murderers!" sign on the door.

now, i've lived alone long enough that i don't normally go the nervous nellie route, unless i've been out ghost hunting or paying too much attention to the news or, as in this case, watching the wrong movie. when you live by yourself, you can't afford to be anxious all the time, otherwise you'll end up with rings under your eyes from lack of sleep or a ring on your finger because you can't stand to sleep alone (i.e., scared married).

for singles, fear is a luxury.

after all, when you find a spider the size of a baseball mitt in your bathtub, you're the one who has to get rid of it (my advice: suck it up -- literally -- with a vacuum cleaner). and when you hear an odd tapping noise on your skylight like some disembodied hand scratching against the glass, it's you who has to inch your way into the spare room to see if you're being terrorized by a crow or the claw.

when you live alone, you're it -- security guard, psychiatrist and soothing bedtime storyteller. sure, you may have company from time to time, but chances are when that fuse blows out in the middle of the night, you're the one who has to slowly descend the basement stairs, just like the doomed heroine in all those bad slasher films.

except most people who live alone have enough sense not to watch that crap (as hard as that may be this time of year), because they know if they do they'll spend the rest of the night peering into closets like some crazed fundamentalist.

not that it's always easy to keep a cool head, especially when there are so many things to be afraid of, some of which may be lurking in your refrigerator (slimy cilantro! moldy cheese! that blue egg!).

slipping and falling in the bathtub has always been high on my list of single-life scares. and my friend carly worries about choking on popcorn while engrossed in a movie. my neighbor mike, on the other hand, says the only thing that scares him is a conservative republican (and, you have to admit, the thought of ann coulter's bony hand shooting out from under the bed to grab your leg is pretty frightening).

to combat the creeps, many singles use protection (no, not that kind). my buddy adin, who lives in a creaky old house, keeps a baseball bat under the bed and a small fan going in the corner of her room, its white noise drowning out the midnight whispers of phantom burglars and bogeymen. another friend, michelle, has a bodyguard (or "buddy" guard), an 80-pound dog with large teeth and a menacing bark.

some singles have found fear to be a boon to their love lives. james, who's now married, says that when he was in the dating game he used to rent horror movies in hopes his dates would be too freaked out to be left alone. but even today, he's not sure who was playing whom.

"it always seemed to work, but i still don't know if it was the scary movie or my charm," he told me. "or if my new lady friend was just using the 'i'm too scared, can you sleep over?' ploy to get me into bed."

being outmaneuvered by a date -- now that's scary!

for the most part, though, i've found that while singles occasionally will get the jitters, it's the folks in relationships who can't take being alone for any length of time.

"it's like every single sound in the house is amplified whenever my wife leaves," one friend explained. "when someone else is here, i can rationalize the noises away, but when i'm alone i find myself checking under the bed every night."

as one who's done her share of bed checks and bathroom night lights and late-night phone calls to friends over the years, i can relate. it's tough wrangling an overactive imagination -- even more so when it's not yours.

"you realize, of course, that the killer could have made a wax impression of your key while it was hanging out there," my friend sara told me the other night over drinks. "which means he'll be able to come into your apartment at any time."

cold comfort for these blustery february nights. slumber party, anyone?

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Rozzi Daime on Voting.

So as many of my young friends tend to forget to vote, or don't care to vote, or aren't regestered to vote, or aren't even up on the current issues, and or candidates to vote, I would like to take a moment to remind you all of the history of voting, for just a moment. There was a time when this fine country of ours the U S of A, did not consider black people to be anything other than 1/3 of a human being, thus making it imposible for us to vote. Making it so that the decisions that faced us in our daily lives, and the taxes we still had to pay, were decided by white men. We had no say. When we attempted to speak out, to exercise our freedoms, we were hung, burned, murdered, lynched, dragged, and shot. WAS THAT ALL IN VAIN? My fellow women. We too suffered the injustice of not being smart enough to vote, as it was "man affairs". There was an entire movement based solely on women being able to vote, AND WE STILL EARN LESS MONEY THAN MEN IN THE WORKPLACE. Are you telling me, you wont get out there today and VOTE?!

Make a difference friends, I know in the past it has been discouraging with fixed elections, and the electoral college, and not feeling that your individual vote counted. BUT THATS WHERE YOU ARE WRONG. We must each vote, every last one of us, the only way to make a difference, is to make your vote count. They can not fix a landslide. So be a citizen, Honor your ancestors. Vote.


The Daime

Saturday, February 2, 2008

here ye here ye!!!!!!!!

"As I look around me, a bright sky I see, and a shadow beside me.
Six more weeks of winter it will be!"


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Kath and Kim USA cast

yawn, okay so i’m a huge fan of Kath & Kim, so call me biased, but why remake this show for the US, why not go with the original and best. anyway that aside the casting for the US ripoff remake of the show is done and NBC has cast molly shannon as Kath and Selma Blair as her daughter Kim. wait? Selma Blair?! oh come on! the point of Kim is that she’s normal, she’s a fair bit overweight and a bit of a loser. i’m just not feeling the Selma Blair love.

ironically the series has been on hold for a bit because they wanted to get the casting exactly right before it went ahead, well all I can say at this point is, you certainly screwed that up casting people. i can only imagine that the US version of Kath & Kim is going to be nothing like the Australian original and that my friends is what we call a travesty. import the original DVD’s and forget the bastardization copy of a classic. okay so maybe that’s harsh, maybe if you haven’t seen or didn’t ‘get’ the original and you’ll actually enjoy the new one, for me i’ll go into the viewing with my arm wrenched up my back, hopeful it isn’t as awful as it presently sounds it’s going to be.


according to The Hollywood Reporter and Ain't It Cool News, fan fave director guillermo del toro will direct THE HOBBIT, in two new films. of course, THE HOBBIT is the prequel story to the epic LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy and this new series is being produced by peter jackson. horror fans are familiar with jackson's humble beginnings with BAD TASTE and DEAD ALIVE. del toro is most well-know for THE DEVIL'S BACKBONE, BLADE 2, HELLBOY, MIMIC and most recently his masterpiece PAN'S LABYRINTH. personally speaking, i'd say he's the perfect choice to carry on with the LOTR's films from jackson!


Thursday, January 24, 2008

major buzz on against all medical advice and reason

i haven't really been drunk alone for awhile now, and i have come to the conclusion that i rather enjoy it. because, when you're drunk around other people you lose inhibitions and say the things to people you REALLY want to say to them. when you're drunk by yourself, you can't control where your thoughts linger and you, in a way, end up saying the things to yourself you've been avoiding saying to yourself or have been trying to keep secret from yourself. and, there you are wide open and vulnerable to your own mind, which in a way is way more scary and poignant and honest than being wide open and vulnerable with other people, because in the end you only have to accept and live with yourself nobody else............

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Rozzi Daime on Stupid Shit That People Do.

now here is the thing, i know i cant control anyone, or even make people behave in what i find to be a rational way. but you blantently, do the SAME STUPID SHIT OVER AND OVER AGAIN, it gets me thinking. that perhaps youre the stupid person, that does stupid things, because YOURE STUPID.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Rozzi Daime on J*Davey and The Industry . . . .

"lights out !" : an open letter to the record industry & the idiots who work for the fascist regime .
read this out loud !

this is intended for all of you lowly puppets who sit in your big offices in big buildings that will soon be out of business & thus, forced to hold vacant memories of an industry that once was . this is for all of the big wigs in suits & ties who sit at the head of the conference room table with creative opinions as empty as the "music" they force down the throats of the now bored & uninspired creative consumers . this is for all the idle assistants who only work hard enough to get their names on the grammy party lists, or whose only existence remains obsolete if he/she can't get into the hot new band's hollywood show debut . this is for the borderline retarded a&r guy who should in fact abandon his dreams of changing the failing record industry to become a highly paid talent scout at a modeling agency . this is definitely for all the marketing low lives who fail to avidly push great talent because the world's fave reality slut randomly decided one day while botoxing her armpits that she wants to be a rockstar .

yes .
this open letter is for all of you .
come feast your eyes upon the truth behind your insolence for 5 minutes , if you even have your job for that much longer.

your blatant lack of respect & worship for the oldest & dearest artform has brought a once thriving & artistic industry to a grinding halt . your willingness to believe that the world wide web has killed the consumers' thirst for new & exciting talent is wildly ignorant & safe . you would like to feed into this stupidity because you are too lazy to stand behind substance ; you'd rather take the low & easy road than take the time to nurture true talent . you'd rather tirelessly feed us the same carbon copied , lip synching , sex dripping , faux punk "i got my entire outfit from hot topic" rocker , buffoonishly ghetto "are they even speaking english?" hip hop , "same old same" sound from song to song type image & force us to believe that this is all the world's artists have to offer . you'd rather watch your company stocks & yearly record sales severely plummet than take strong initiative to fix the current problem . you'd rather see hundreds of employees laid off & out of work during the holidays because you're too afraid to stand up for something new & different . you're content with creating a 1-hit wonder society , where any idiot with anything shockingly catchy can enjoy a sorry 15 minutes of fame & a future segment on vh1's "biggest 1-hit wonders of 08" extravaganza .

where is the new generation of legends ?

beyonce & alicia keys are old shoe ins . r kelly , sure , but his personal dramas easily overshadow his genius . radiohead & outkast comes to mind , & then i draw a big blank .

the latest thrill in music has been an over abundance of great dancers with mediocre voices , albums , singles , concert ticket sales , etc . thank god the internet allows every joe blow in the universe a free forum to overexpose every little thing , especially mediocre celebrities . thank god for online music forums , such as myspace . artists are able to directly connect with the people & expose themselves & their art to everyone everywhere at the click of a button . myspace proves that music can no longer fit into a box . long gone are the days of urban vs pop vs alternative radio . gwen stefani had hit songs for years on the pop & alt charts , but she records a song written by pharrell & she's instantly on top of the urban charts as well . this new r&b dance pop music crosses over to white kids & that kelly clarkson "since you've been gone" song was smeared across the lips of many a young black girl last year . m i a is all over the indie alternative stations , & lets not even get started on gnarls barkeley .

all signs point to the obvious : true music consumers right now are a ) young , & b) smart . young kids are able to point & click their way to every new trend . they arguably have short attention spans & they want to be in on what's cool & personable to them . when madonna emerged in the '80s you had tons of girls around the world imitating her every move & style down to the mole . kurt cobain turned grunge commercial when he was exposed to millions of kids who felt like society's outsiders looking in . hip-hop has been a huge influence on mainstream culture since the early '80s because of it's relativity . kids have not changed . young people are not mindless robots who like what you tell them to like with no opinions . the youth are always looking to be enthralled .

they want to be entertained . they want to feel as though they are a part of something that will be written about , studied , & revered 20 years later . they , like all of us old & young alike , want to be inspired . when i was a kid i saw prince prance around on stage & dazzle people with his art & i felt inspired to do the same thing . why are you music industry idiots attempting to tell us that we don't want to be touched ? why are you trying to rob us of new musical experiences ? will there ever be another motown 25 / michael jackson moonwalk experience ? will we never again hear a single like queen's "bohemian rhapsody" on the radio because the hook isn't catchy enough ? will we never see another band like the talking heads & joy division or parliament ? will there never be another artist to rival frank zappa ? will we be forced to hear different versions of the same dumb song on every single radio station every 5 minutes simply because the record label had enough money to pay off the station manager ? are we still supposed to care about mtv when there are hardly any videos in rotation ? do i even need to mention b e t or v h 1 ? are any of the classic record industry outlets working these days ? as of late it seems that artists are independently breaking ground with their own efforts . songs are being licensed for national commercials from artists' myspace pages & personal websites . ellen degeneres has been known to book musical guests from videos seen on youtube , & as i aforementioned , gnarls barkeley not only created a new genre , but they also won grammy awards for an album that was recorded in home studios & released through an indie label .

why should artists even seek major label deals ? they are completely outdated & obsolete . artists are sold the dream that talent can secure superstardom , but it becomes evident that labels only sign bands nowdays because of the band's existing fanbase & record sales , or because they dig the artist's look & want to cash in . they don't want to develop the art . they don't want the artist to express his/herself entirely . they just want the artist to comply with what will get the company a big monetary return . they sign you for millions , pimp you for pennies , then drop you a year later when the music they made you record & release is no longer relevant . you're left on the streets unsigned & irrelevant & ready to infect the world with the music you've always wanted to make , but no one will take a chance on you due to your previous material . meanwhile , the label has already put white out over your signature on the slave deal & replaced it with a younger version of you . cold game , ain't it ?

the age old model is failing . as an industry based on faithful consumers you have lost your connection with the people who matter most : the PEOPLE . you have yet to show them that you are with the changing times & able to adapt to something new . you are proving that you are too afraid to promote good music . you would rather let the monotonous drone of what is today's music remain unbalanced by substance . you would rather watch more legendary artists abandon you for direct deals with itunes & touring companies . you would rather allow the internet to defeat what should be your life's work . maybe you should excuse yourself from the next a&r meeting to go take a look in the bathroom mirror . stand there & ask yourself why you took this job , & when you realize it's simply because you wanted to be cool & "in the mix" then return to the conference room , take that gun out of your pocket , & shoot yourself in the head in front of your coworkers so that you are made an example of . if you can in fact leave that conference room & look in the bathroom mirror with pride & hunger to break the monotony then head back into that conference room , jump on top of the table & read this manifesto .

this is a challenge .
we're calling your bluff .
record labels are nothing but banks that give artists hi price loans in exchange for artistic control . put your money where your cocks are . go out on a limb & support real music for a change . find the line where the internet & the real world meet & infect more people with something magical . start building more legends . it's almost too late . interscope is dead . def jam is next . motown who ? mca what ? warner , you're not too far behind . the war sirens are ringing & you're content with playing deaf & dumb .
we're calling your bluff !
we're here to reprogram how you & the rest of the world listen to music .
we can do this together , or you can stick to your own devices & peril in the process .
we are the people . we are the future . we are the present .
who are you ?

and now for something completely different..........or not

Why did they remake “Ju-On”, a perfectly good movie? Because Hollywood is now tapping other countries for creativity and once they drain Asia’s pool, they’re going to the African’s, or the Malaysians. “Ju-On” is the perfect example of Westernization in this modern age where we have Hollywood who takes a great scary Asian film, decides to remake it and then re-casts it with an all American cast. Its set in Asia, it’s the same director, the same actress Takako Fuji plays the iconic Kayako, (the slithery groaning ghost), and yet, we have an American cast. Oh, but it’s to relate to the American audience, sure, sure, then why set it in a foreign land?! It’s all crap.

If they can remake an Asian movie with all the elements of the original, why not have the same cast? Or, hey, why not distribute the original film in America? Isn’t that a new idea? Worked with “28 Days Later”, and “Shaun of the Dead”, but they look American, not like an Asian, I guess that’s why studios distributed them so quick. We’re at the end of a pop culture, and cultural wasteland and the onslaught of unscripted discount television, remakes, sequels, recycled concepts, and the deterioration of our culture is the deterioration of our society because society’s were built on culture and when that deteriorates what is next? Our government? No! It couldn’t happen.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Rozzi Daime on The Complex Lyrics of Suga Free . . .

I'd rather give you my bitch (Pay Attention)
I'd rather give you my bitch
I'd rather give you my bitch then to let you breathe...
on my last bit of indo smoke
I'd rather give you my bitch... Tonight!
You wanna hit my joint but I'd rather let you fuck my bitch
Suck her tits and she'll suck yo dick
And sense 1 mans trash is another mans treasure
You gets... no part of my weed but you can have my bitch Heather
Like every other bitch I get
I'd rather give you my bitch, my whole bitch, and nothing but my bitch
Cause anybody that can bleed for 5 days and don't die
Plus develop an attitude, go to sleep wake up
and look at me dead in my eyes, ain't for me playa
Oh nah, maybe for you
Suga fide that sleaze walkin bitch I thought you knew who I'm true
I gotta get mine, I wanna get mine, I need to get mine, I'm wasting my time
Cause playa's do what they want to, yeah, and suckers do what they can
You you, can't can't, gat gat, me me, bitch
I love being rich
I wantcha but I don't needcha
Let your momma tell ya how ta make a nigga please ya
Not knowin that I'm 10 steps ahead of Lisa
And the bull so she's runnin against the grain (What?)
I'd rather give you my bitch, then to let you breathe...
on my last bit of indo smoke
I'd rather give you my bitch, then to let you breathe again, breathe again
I'd rather give you my bitch (What?) cause you been trickin
you be thinkin with your dick and shit (Bitch)
I'd rather give you my bitch... Ta..Tonight!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Rozzi Daime on Fabulous Music Videos.

Rozzi Daime on 2 hours-of-sleep . . .

. . . and still moving and shaking. I remember when Diddy did his little Ditty about 'Running the City" and he was the 1st one in the office and the last one to leave. I realized then, THAT'S how people who love their work make the big bucks. So HELLO 200,800,000.00!!!!!!


Sunday, January 6, 2008

Rozzi Daime on People NOT Minding Their own Business

As a general disclaimer. Respect when people say that its not your business for you to know something. because they are usually right!

thats all.


Rozzi Daime on Rainy Saturdays

if you have the opportunity to be lazy for one day, play great music, enjoy good company, and be cozy, by all means DO IT. Then when you wake up early the next morning and crack open your computer to get to work and its a Sunday, well then smile, because in this life, you get what you give. Happy top of the week to ya.

Friday, January 4, 2008

what's this?!?!?!?!?!

a Resident Evil movie that actually looks and feels like Resident Evil? Count me in!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

rough start

i promise to spend my money wisely till you get all better and can give me sommore. but i did see this fur coat i really wanted at burlington coat factory..........

take care of yourself be-nasty. i'm glad you're okay.

i told mike now that the worst is over the year can only get better
love you lots xoxo