Friday, March 28, 2008

do you ever notice how. . . . .

EVERYONE has a tattoo!?!?!?!?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I know, i know, i've been gone for a while.. but here's the deal friends. I had a moment of weakness (and chocolate) in my life. this is a blog after all, and i want to keep it honest. sigh. so I am on a quest to conduct an experiment on myself, and I want you all in on this. Okay. i'm calling it the 20 minute workout. (thank you Jahi!). so the deal is, that for 20 minutes, each and EVERY day, I will focuse intently on 1 aspect of my career and life. training myself to keep that disipline, and that focus. so you dear friends, get to be my accountablility partners in this journey. I am going to write about this everyday, and keep you posted on whats going on. I love you all, and i so look forward to see you soon.

SO OKAY . . . .

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Rozzi Daime on Just One of Those Days

Come on, we all have them!!!! BLAAAAHHHHH . . . . .

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Monday, March 3, 2008

Rozzi Daime on Rozzi Daime

“It’s got to sound like warm cotton candy on a Ferris wheel, the first day of summer after you just lost your virginity that night. Doesn’t that just sound delicious?”
Delicious indeed! Daring, provocative, magnetic, graceful and intelligent are only a few of the many different ways you could describe her sound. Rozzi Daime is the artist responsible for allowing you to remember your first time, every time. Why shy away from what matters the most; sex, lust, love, envy, desire. She’s an open book, candid and unapologetic. Her music is lyrical freedom and she has no problem stating the things you mean to say, but are too afraid to. “Authenticity is the most important thing when it comes to music. I have songs about everything from my ‘cock’, to my God; all are pure expressions of my emotions at that time.”
Six years and counting, she has been recording what she considers, Avant-Glam music; a fusion of experimental and unorthodox art with a flair for the glamorous. Or to be more precise, she would be the prodigal child of Josephine Baker and David Bowie. When asked what would be equivalent to experiencing her live, she simply states; a forty-five minute orgasm. Enough said!
This temptress isn’t only musically talented; she’s also working on a comic book. As Rozzi Daime as the main superhero, she illustrates the beauty as being a character with thoughtform projection; or the capability of possessing an advanced version of telekinesis. “Any image created in my mind, becomes a 3 dimensional reality for anyone in range of my frequency, in person, or via TV / radio airwaves. A very provocative and powerful gift only to be used at times when it’s absolutely necessary for the survival of mankind, (or of course during live shows!) Her philosophy is that creativity is the source of evolution, and everyone should be free to contribute.”
Contribution is necessary; otherwise you won’t get the full effect. To be creative minded suggests that one must gain innovation from others; both physical and emotional. The true test is consistency. “The set I do for my peers and a fan is the same set that I do when my parents and grandmothers are in the club, you’re right, I don’t apologize.” Her track record displays the likes of many artists we might categorize as unapologetic and outspoken. “I have worked with Common, Bilal, Erykah Badu, and Sa-Ra also some amazing musicians Chris Dave, Rob Glasper, Steve “Thundercat” Bruner, DJ Jahi Sundance, to name a few.” Some artists she’d like to share energy with in the studio are Outkast, Snoop Dogg, Fiona Apple, Kanye West, The Rza and many more.
Her music is even more fascinating than her current artist log. Tracks such as Ride, White Cloud, Babies or even Cock Teaser all make it very simple to understand why Rozzi is considered CANDID! Her song Tracy is a track she swears gets mentioned more than she does; perhaps because she literally makes feel good music? “Tracy is your typical attractive, sexy girl who likes to party, she’s got great style, everything is a current designer, flawless make-up and great taste in shoes, she has one man for money, another for sex, and another for her ‘party favors’. She enjoys her freedom, and never takes no for an answer. She is independent, a hard worker during the day and the life of the party at night, if you knew Tracy from the office you would never believe that was her taking shots behind the DJ booth on a Tuesday, and in every picture in the nightlife magazines. She’s the kind of freak you COULD take home to mother. *Sigh*, the question is if Tracy is real or not…”
In most cases, we all know a Tracy; however, the game is only fun if it’s played right. Rozzi couldn’t agree more. When it comes to music, classifying music according to the ethnicity of the artists limits the potential of the artist and their listener. “It is very challenging categorizing artists now, because the lines of clear division have been blurred beyond your a-typical genres. The sound today is a fusion of rock, jazz, hip-hop, soul, funk, live instrumentation with synthesizers, and beat machines and samples. There is no one kind of music that is of the original mold of classification. Calling it “Black Music” is a double edge sword; it’s informative and exclusive at the same time. Yes, Black people invented this music, these rhythms, these timings, and this freedom in music. White people know about our musical movements. And although culturally, we have always set precedent on what is the new happening thing in America, and now the World, even cultural lines are being blurred what with the internet and satellite TV, so everyone is exposed to everything all of the time. It is going to take myself and my musical peers to come up with a new system. It would be like trying to use the dewy decibel system for the internet, outdated and not as effective.”
To be effective, playing the part gets you in the game. Staying around, is a different story. “The name of the game is “Show Business”. My Grandfather would always say any news is good news. Keeping your name in this business is key. Different people use different approaches to maintain their status, or even to create their name in this business. We as women have to prove ourselves twice as hard just to break the glass ceiling in this industry. I am a firm believer that anyway you choose to market yourself to gain respect and notoriety, (or gossip, as they seem to be synonymous at this juncture in music), is up to the individual.”
As for Rozzi Daime, she’s synonymous with success. 2008 will be the year she sheds her comfort zone of L.A. and ventures out to ears wider than her MySpace page. She plans to release her album Avant-Glam, shoot about five videos, record more music and continue to write for more artists. “There is a sampler floating around in the ethers as we speak, generating the proper buzz, increasing fans and getting the right people interested. I am currently working on a release for late spring, early summer 2008. The material has been recorded, just a few live inflictions are needed and the right engineer to give it the tone I want.” Along with her busy music career, she’d like to buy property in either L.A. or NYC. Probably to guarantee a place to rest her head for this fall’s Avant-Glam World Tour; The Cosmic Masquerade of Rozzi Daime. Definitely look out for this one!