Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Kath and Kim USA cast

yawn, okay so i’m a huge fan of Kath & Kim, so call me biased, but why remake this show for the US, why not go with the original and best. anyway that aside the casting for the US ripoff remake of the show is done and NBC has cast molly shannon as Kath and Selma Blair as her daughter Kim. wait? Selma Blair?! oh come on! the point of Kim is that she’s normal, she’s a fair bit overweight and a bit of a loser. i’m just not feeling the Selma Blair love.

ironically the series has been on hold for a bit because they wanted to get the casting exactly right before it went ahead, well all I can say at this point is, you certainly screwed that up casting people. i can only imagine that the US version of Kath & Kim is going to be nothing like the Australian original and that my friends is what we call a travesty. import the original DVD’s and forget the bastardization copy of a classic. okay so maybe that’s harsh, maybe if you haven’t seen or didn’t ‘get’ the original and you’ll actually enjoy the new one, for me i’ll go into the viewing with my arm wrenched up my back, hopeful it isn’t as awful as it presently sounds it’s going to be.


according to The Hollywood Reporter and Ain't It Cool News, fan fave director guillermo del toro will direct THE HOBBIT, in two new films. of course, THE HOBBIT is the prequel story to the epic LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy and this new series is being produced by peter jackson. horror fans are familiar with jackson's humble beginnings with BAD TASTE and DEAD ALIVE. del toro is most well-know for THE DEVIL'S BACKBONE, BLADE 2, HELLBOY, MIMIC and most recently his masterpiece PAN'S LABYRINTH. personally speaking, i'd say he's the perfect choice to carry on with the LOTR's films from jackson!


Thursday, January 24, 2008

major buzz on against all medical advice and reason

i haven't really been drunk alone for awhile now, and i have come to the conclusion that i rather enjoy it. because, when you're drunk around other people you lose inhibitions and say the things to people you REALLY want to say to them. when you're drunk by yourself, you can't control where your thoughts linger and you, in a way, end up saying the things to yourself you've been avoiding saying to yourself or have been trying to keep secret from yourself. and, there you are wide open and vulnerable to your own mind, which in a way is way more scary and poignant and honest than being wide open and vulnerable with other people, because in the end you only have to accept and live with yourself nobody else............

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Rozzi Daime on Stupid Shit That People Do.

now here is the thing, i know i cant control anyone, or even make people behave in what i find to be a rational way. but you blantently, do the SAME STUPID SHIT OVER AND OVER AGAIN, it gets me thinking. that perhaps youre the stupid person, that does stupid things, because YOURE STUPID.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Rozzi Daime on J*Davey and The Industry . . . .

"lights out !" : an open letter to the record industry & the idiots who work for the fascist regime .
read this out loud !

this is intended for all of you lowly puppets who sit in your big offices in big buildings that will soon be out of business & thus, forced to hold vacant memories of an industry that once was . this is for all of the big wigs in suits & ties who sit at the head of the conference room table with creative opinions as empty as the "music" they force down the throats of the now bored & uninspired creative consumers . this is for all the idle assistants who only work hard enough to get their names on the grammy party lists, or whose only existence remains obsolete if he/she can't get into the hot new band's hollywood show debut . this is for the borderline retarded a&r guy who should in fact abandon his dreams of changing the failing record industry to become a highly paid talent scout at a modeling agency . this is definitely for all the marketing low lives who fail to avidly push great talent because the world's fave reality slut randomly decided one day while botoxing her armpits that she wants to be a rockstar .

yes .
this open letter is for all of you .
come feast your eyes upon the truth behind your insolence for 5 minutes , if you even have your job for that much longer.

your blatant lack of respect & worship for the oldest & dearest artform has brought a once thriving & artistic industry to a grinding halt . your willingness to believe that the world wide web has killed the consumers' thirst for new & exciting talent is wildly ignorant & safe . you would like to feed into this stupidity because you are too lazy to stand behind substance ; you'd rather take the low & easy road than take the time to nurture true talent . you'd rather tirelessly feed us the same carbon copied , lip synching , sex dripping , faux punk "i got my entire outfit from hot topic" rocker , buffoonishly ghetto "are they even speaking english?" hip hop , "same old same" sound from song to song type image & force us to believe that this is all the world's artists have to offer . you'd rather watch your company stocks & yearly record sales severely plummet than take strong initiative to fix the current problem . you'd rather see hundreds of employees laid off & out of work during the holidays because you're too afraid to stand up for something new & different . you're content with creating a 1-hit wonder society , where any idiot with anything shockingly catchy can enjoy a sorry 15 minutes of fame & a future segment on vh1's "biggest 1-hit wonders of 08" extravaganza .

where is the new generation of legends ?

beyonce & alicia keys are old shoe ins . r kelly , sure , but his personal dramas easily overshadow his genius . radiohead & outkast comes to mind , & then i draw a big blank .

the latest thrill in music has been an over abundance of great dancers with mediocre voices , albums , singles , concert ticket sales , etc . thank god the internet allows every joe blow in the universe a free forum to overexpose every little thing , especially mediocre celebrities . thank god for online music forums , such as myspace . artists are able to directly connect with the people & expose themselves & their art to everyone everywhere at the click of a button . myspace proves that music can no longer fit into a box . long gone are the days of urban vs pop vs alternative radio . gwen stefani had hit songs for years on the pop & alt charts , but she records a song written by pharrell & she's instantly on top of the urban charts as well . this new r&b dance pop music crosses over to white kids & that kelly clarkson "since you've been gone" song was smeared across the lips of many a young black girl last year . m i a is all over the indie alternative stations , & lets not even get started on gnarls barkeley .

all signs point to the obvious : true music consumers right now are a ) young , & b) smart . young kids are able to point & click their way to every new trend . they arguably have short attention spans & they want to be in on what's cool & personable to them . when madonna emerged in the '80s you had tons of girls around the world imitating her every move & style down to the mole . kurt cobain turned grunge commercial when he was exposed to millions of kids who felt like society's outsiders looking in . hip-hop has been a huge influence on mainstream culture since the early '80s because of it's relativity . kids have not changed . young people are not mindless robots who like what you tell them to like with no opinions . the youth are always looking to be enthralled .

they want to be entertained . they want to feel as though they are a part of something that will be written about , studied , & revered 20 years later . they , like all of us old & young alike , want to be inspired . when i was a kid i saw prince prance around on stage & dazzle people with his art & i felt inspired to do the same thing . why are you music industry idiots attempting to tell us that we don't want to be touched ? why are you trying to rob us of new musical experiences ? will there ever be another motown 25 / michael jackson moonwalk experience ? will we never again hear a single like queen's "bohemian rhapsody" on the radio because the hook isn't catchy enough ? will we never see another band like the talking heads & joy division or parliament ? will there never be another artist to rival frank zappa ? will we be forced to hear different versions of the same dumb song on every single radio station every 5 minutes simply because the record label had enough money to pay off the station manager ? are we still supposed to care about mtv when there are hardly any videos in rotation ? do i even need to mention b e t or v h 1 ? are any of the classic record industry outlets working these days ? as of late it seems that artists are independently breaking ground with their own efforts . songs are being licensed for national commercials from artists' myspace pages & personal websites . ellen degeneres has been known to book musical guests from videos seen on youtube , & as i aforementioned , gnarls barkeley not only created a new genre , but they also won grammy awards for an album that was recorded in home studios & released through an indie label .

why should artists even seek major label deals ? they are completely outdated & obsolete . artists are sold the dream that talent can secure superstardom , but it becomes evident that labels only sign bands nowdays because of the band's existing fanbase & record sales , or because they dig the artist's look & want to cash in . they don't want to develop the art . they don't want the artist to express his/herself entirely . they just want the artist to comply with what will get the company a big monetary return . they sign you for millions , pimp you for pennies , then drop you a year later when the music they made you record & release is no longer relevant . you're left on the streets unsigned & irrelevant & ready to infect the world with the music you've always wanted to make , but no one will take a chance on you due to your previous material . meanwhile , the label has already put white out over your signature on the slave deal & replaced it with a younger version of you . cold game , ain't it ?

the age old model is failing . as an industry based on faithful consumers you have lost your connection with the people who matter most : the PEOPLE . you have yet to show them that you are with the changing times & able to adapt to something new . you are proving that you are too afraid to promote good music . you would rather let the monotonous drone of what is today's music remain unbalanced by substance . you would rather watch more legendary artists abandon you for direct deals with itunes & touring companies . you would rather allow the internet to defeat what should be your life's work . maybe you should excuse yourself from the next a&r meeting to go take a look in the bathroom mirror . stand there & ask yourself why you took this job , & when you realize it's simply because you wanted to be cool & "in the mix" then return to the conference room , take that gun out of your pocket , & shoot yourself in the head in front of your coworkers so that you are made an example of . if you can in fact leave that conference room & look in the bathroom mirror with pride & hunger to break the monotony then head back into that conference room , jump on top of the table & read this manifesto .

this is a challenge .
we're calling your bluff .
record labels are nothing but banks that give artists hi price loans in exchange for artistic control . put your money where your cocks are . go out on a limb & support real music for a change . find the line where the internet & the real world meet & infect more people with something magical . start building more legends . it's almost too late . interscope is dead . def jam is next . motown who ? mca what ? warner , you're not too far behind . the war sirens are ringing & you're content with playing deaf & dumb .
we're calling your bluff !
we're here to reprogram how you & the rest of the world listen to music .
we can do this together , or you can stick to your own devices & peril in the process .
we are the people . we are the future . we are the present .
who are you ?

and now for something completely different..........or not

Why did they remake “Ju-On”, a perfectly good movie? Because Hollywood is now tapping other countries for creativity and once they drain Asia’s pool, they’re going to the African’s, or the Malaysians. “Ju-On” is the perfect example of Westernization in this modern age where we have Hollywood who takes a great scary Asian film, decides to remake it and then re-casts it with an all American cast. Its set in Asia, it’s the same director, the same actress Takako Fuji plays the iconic Kayako, (the slithery groaning ghost), and yet, we have an American cast. Oh, but it’s to relate to the American audience, sure, sure, then why set it in a foreign land?! It’s all crap.

If they can remake an Asian movie with all the elements of the original, why not have the same cast? Or, hey, why not distribute the original film in America? Isn’t that a new idea? Worked with “28 Days Later”, and “Shaun of the Dead”, but they look American, not like an Asian, I guess that’s why studios distributed them so quick. We’re at the end of a pop culture, and cultural wasteland and the onslaught of unscripted discount television, remakes, sequels, recycled concepts, and the deterioration of our culture is the deterioration of our society because society’s were built on culture and when that deteriorates what is next? Our government? No! It couldn’t happen.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Rozzi Daime on The Complex Lyrics of Suga Free . . .

I'd rather give you my bitch (Pay Attention)
I'd rather give you my bitch
I'd rather give you my bitch then to let you breathe...
on my last bit of indo smoke
I'd rather give you my bitch... Tonight!
You wanna hit my joint but I'd rather let you fuck my bitch
Suck her tits and she'll suck yo dick
And sense 1 mans trash is another mans treasure
You gets... no part of my weed but you can have my bitch Heather
Like every other bitch I get
I'd rather give you my bitch, my whole bitch, and nothing but my bitch
Cause anybody that can bleed for 5 days and don't die
Plus develop an attitude, go to sleep wake up
and look at me dead in my eyes, ain't for me playa
Oh nah, maybe for you
Suga fide that sleaze walkin bitch I thought you knew who I'm true
I gotta get mine, I wanna get mine, I need to get mine, I'm wasting my time
Cause playa's do what they want to, yeah, and suckers do what they can
You you, can't can't, gat gat, me me, bitch
I love being rich
I wantcha but I don't needcha
Let your momma tell ya how ta make a nigga please ya
Not knowin that I'm 10 steps ahead of Lisa
And the bull so she's runnin against the grain (What?)
I'd rather give you my bitch, then to let you breathe...
on my last bit of indo smoke
I'd rather give you my bitch, then to let you breathe again, breathe again
I'd rather give you my bitch (What?) cause you been trickin
you be thinkin with your dick and shit (Bitch)
I'd rather give you my bitch... Ta..Tonight!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Rozzi Daime on Fabulous Music Videos.

Rozzi Daime on 2 hours-of-sleep . . .

. . . and still moving and shaking. I remember when Diddy did his little Ditty about 'Running the City" and he was the 1st one in the office and the last one to leave. I realized then, THAT'S how people who love their work make the big bucks. So HELLO 200,800,000.00!!!!!!


Sunday, January 6, 2008

Rozzi Daime on People NOT Minding Their own Business

As a general disclaimer. Respect when people say that its not your business for you to know something. because they are usually right!

thats all.


Rozzi Daime on Rainy Saturdays

if you have the opportunity to be lazy for one day, play great music, enjoy good company, and be cozy, by all means DO IT. Then when you wake up early the next morning and crack open your computer to get to work and its a Sunday, well then smile, because in this life, you get what you give. Happy top of the week to ya.

Friday, January 4, 2008

what's this?!?!?!?!?!

a Resident Evil movie that actually looks and feels like Resident Evil? Count me in!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

rough start

i promise to spend my money wisely till you get all better and can give me sommore. but i did see this fur coat i really wanted at burlington coat factory..........

take care of yourself be-nasty. i'm glad you're okay.

i told mike now that the worst is over the year can only get better
love you lots xoxo